Friday, April 21, 2017

Research Blog #9

The counterargument that LGBT students participate in Greek life in order to conform to ideals of masculinity falls apart when the same argument is applied to college women. Is the idea of masculinity only exclusive for males? Or do the traits of masculinity also apply to the other gender and the phrase “masculinity” is only called that because it is male-centric? For example, in Beer and Circus, it is a “masculine trait” to be able to drink to excess, ironically being called “feminine” if one decides to drink safe and responsibly. However, statistics showed that while women drank less than men by virtue of their naturally lower weight range, they still pursued in drinking to excess. This implies that women do not have a “feminine” ideal that counterparts masculinity. If they did, then women would be pressured by their female peers to stay feminine and avoid binge-drinking.

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